Monday, March 05, 2007

Mitt Hates McCain-Feingold, Balance of Power

Mitt's probably running out of rich Mormons to donate their $2300 to him. Life would be so much easier if that pesky McCain-Feingold didn't exist.

(Video courtesy Romney Campaign on YOUTube.)

Isn't it interesting how he jumps from blasting judicial power to repealing a law created not by judges but by the Congress?

Laws passed by only the Executive are just as bad if not worse than laws passed only by the Judiciary.


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apackof2 said...

As much as Mitt has tried to transform himself into a conservative,he hasn't fooled the rational conservatives and certainly not Christians.

Why don't Brownback and Huckabee join forces?

Brownback/Huckabee ticket?

Too bad you have to have a gazillion dollars to run for president, as Brownback/Huckabee probably don't have the funds needed

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