Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mitt-Flop Turns on France, MA, UT. Is DC Next?

Mormons Against Romney:

Is there another candidate as familiar with France out there as Romney should be? Romney was a Mormon missionary in France, lived among French people daily, spoke French. France is generous enough to let young LDS men and women into the country to talk about religion. Romney deciding that he should exploit anti-France sentiment for his own political gain is simply shameless. (The fact that he is also going to be campaigning against MA is equally despicable.) When a community opens its doors to you and lets you in when it doesn’t have to, a measure of appreciation towards that community is appropriate. Romney does not need to go around drinking wine and driving a Citroen, or even that he has to agree with any particular political position popular in France. He does, however, have a responsibility to treat France with respect, since he was allowed into their country. Since he has so much experience with France he knows that they aren't a true threat to the United States, a fact that seems to be tacitly acknowledged in the use of the term "bogeyman".

He's selling out the country he lived in for 2 years as a missionary, Refuses to mention the state he lived in the international spotlight in (except for when he's taking money from that state's residents), and made fun of the state he ran for four years.

I hate to see what he will do if he makes the District of Columbia his new home.


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